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Suprabha Surgicare - A Day Care Surgical Unit (D.S.U.)

This is the only day care surgical unit in India in general surgery and urology, fully equipped for all advanced endoscopic, laparoscopic surgeries and lithotripsy. About 2500 surgical procedures have been performed successfully in last 10 years at our center.

Day-care surgery is no more fastest surgery in fittest patients. In fact, newer modalities like harmonic scalpel, laser, endoscopic staplers, ESWL, and Robot will bring more and more variety of surgeries into this category in future. Our endeavor is to make every surgical procedure customized into day- care surgery (if possible).


Day care surgery - A patient recovers from surgery and fit to return home within a day (24 hrs.)

Ambulatory surgery - A patient recovers from surgery and fit to return home in the same evening without overnight stay in the hospital. Whereas

Office surgery - A patient recovers from surgery and fit to return home within couple of hours.

What is day care surgery?

Day care surgery is not a new concept. It has been practiced for quite some time in developed countries like the U.S. In fact it’s become increasingly popular all over the world for many reasons. First, thanks to advances in technology, doctors can now perform minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures. Secondly, the newer drugs used for anesthesia allow patients to recover consciousness very quickly, so that they can go home soon after the surgery is over. And lastly, since modern painkillers are more powerful, patients experience much less pain after the operation and they can successfully relieve the pain themselves by taking these medications at home.

Day care surgery is now a global trend, and over 70 per cent of elective surgeries in the USA are now done this way. Also studies worldwide have shown that day care surgery delivers the same high quality care as that given to hospital patients. In fact, research has shown that day care surgery centers are actually safer than hospitals. Day care surgery is economical as well. On an average, research conducted in the USA has shown that procedures at day care surgery centers cost 50 per cent less than those at hospitals.

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