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Inguinal hernias are protrusions of abdominal cavity contents through the inguinal canal. Think of a ruptured tyre. When the tyre wall separates the inner tube can seep through the opening. Similarly when hernia occurs, tissue protrudes through the abdominal wall. As the hernia enlarges it forms a sac. Internal organs such as the intestine can fall into this sac creating one of the major hernia symptoms – a bulge and pain. A Hernia may be present from birth or can develop over a period of time.

Hernia surgery

Inguinal Hernia


  • Any condition that increases the pressure of the abdominal cavity may contribute to the formation or worsening of a hernia.


  • Hernias present as bulges in the groin area that can become more prominent when coughing, straining, or standing up. They are often painful, and the bulge commonly disappears on lying down.
  • The inability to "reduce", or place the bulge back into the abdomen usually means the hernia is "incarcerated," often necessitating emergency surgery.


Herniorrhaphy: It is the surgical correction of inguinal hernia. There are various surgical procedures which may be considered in the planning of inguinal hernia repair. These include

  • Open repair - with or without mesh (Local anesthesia).Alternative
  • Laparoscopic repair (General anesthesia).
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