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  • No risk of general/ spinal anesthesia as used less frequently.
  • Minimum post operative complications.
  • Speedy post operative recovery.
  • Ability to perform normal, non strenuous activities within few hours of surgery.
  • Convalescence at home from the same day.
  • Minimum risk of hospital acquired infections.
  • Reduction in hardship of relatives/ friends visiting the hospital.
  • Early ambulation.
  • Early resumption of duty and minimum loss of working days.
  • Most economical

Surgeries performed at Day – care surgical Unit (DSU) under Local Anesthesia (LA) are zero risk surgeries hence many patients with high risk for general/ spinal anesthesia can be undertaken. And those surgeries performed in DSU under general/ spinal anesthesia (GA/SA) have maximum mortality (Death rate) of 0.0007% only. This death rate is even less than the normal death rate. (Warner et al.)

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