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Symptoms of ureteric stones are same or more severe than kidney stones.

Ureteric Stones

Ureteroscopic Stone Removal (URS)
Although some stones in the ureters can be treated with ESWL(Push-back Technique), ureteroscopy may be needed for mid- and lower-ureter stones. No incision is made in this procedure. Instead, the surgeon passes a small fiberoptic instrument called a ureteroscope through the urethra and bladder into the ureter. The surgeon then locates the stone and either removes it with a cage-like device or shatters it with a special instrument that produces a form of shock wave. A small tube or stent may be left in the ureter for a few days to help urine flow.

Ureteroscopic Stone Removal (URS)

Laser for Ureteric Stones

Laser for Ureteric Stones


  • Can reach from external urethra to renal papilla
  • Can be done simultaneously on both sides in single stage.
  • Stone of any density
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