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Laser Prostatectomy


  • Pt. on Anticoagulants & Pacemakers
  • Excellent Haemostasis
  • Saline Irrigation. No TUR syndrome
  • Low Irrigation
  • Shorter cathetrizations & stay in Hospital
  • Lower risk in ↓EF & CRF
  • Complete enucleation
  • Larger Glands
  • Complete procedure under vision

Laser for Kidney Stone


  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Reduced p.o. pain & need for analgesia
  • Shorter period of recovery
  • Tubeless Surgery
  • Minimal Bleeding

Laser for Ureteric Stones


  • Can reach from external urethra to renal papilla
  • Can be done simultaneously on both sides in single stage.
  • Stone of any density

Laser for Bladder Stones

Laser for Bladder Tumors

Laser for Stricture

Laser Pyeloplasty

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